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Auther: Pubdate:2021-02-23

On March 22, led by the company, 18 food additives industry backbone enterprises, food additives and ingredients Association of China and Beijing technology and business University, Tianjin University, China Agricultural University, Tianjin science and Technology University, Hunan agricultural University, 9 University co-sponsored the formation of "hot pepper industry strategic alliances in technological innovation" founding Conference was held in Beijing. Rural science and Technology Division of the Department of science and technology Wang 喆 Ombudsman, the Office of science and technology, Hebei province, Wang Zhixin Director, Hou huamei, Handan city Vice Mayor Sun Baoguo, the Chinese Academy of engineering academician Qi Qing, China food additives and ingredients Association Chairman and other leaders and experts attended the founding Conference and make a speech. Good harvest limited Yuan longping high-tech discovery of seed industry in Xinjiang Chairman, Hunan agricultural University Professor Xia Yanbin representing enterprises, colleges and universities as a typical statement. Adopted unanimously by the Assembly, election of the Chairman and managing director Lu Qingguo Union Chairman, academician Sun Baoguo as Union Chairman of the Technical Committee of experts, also set up by the General Assembly, Deputy Chairman, Secretary General and Deputy Secretary-General and Vice Chairman of the Technical Committee of experts at its first session, members, etc.

Union of established must makes pepper industry of collaborative innovation advantage more highlight, conducive to integration and shared technology innovation resources, strengthening cooperation development, deepening research cooperation mechanism, breakthrough pepper industry key technology, and common technology and the major frontier technology of development; conducive to speed up results into, promotion technology, guide and support innovation elements to enterprise agglomeration, guarantees research and production close convergence, achieved innovation results of fast industrialization; conducive to upgrade China pepper industry of independent innovation capacity, Increase the added value of chili products and enhance core competitiveness of Chinese pepper industry, promoting our country's chili from resource advantages to economic advantages of development of industrial structure upgrading, to extend the industrial chain.